There seems to be no port of the iPhone/Android feature that displays a list of accented characters:

enter image description here

Currently, even using the right keyboard layout, users either have to use the ALT key to enter the right ANSI code (eg. É = ALT + 0201), or limit themselves to applications (Word, etc.) that performs auto-correction.

As a result, people often type without using those accented characters when they really should.

Is there really no utility available that works the same way?


Character Map, its under Accessories somewhere, or un "charmap" from Run. Its been in windows for about 20 years (Since windows 3.0, at least). I use it for scientific symbols.


  • It's nowhere as fast and easy to use as Android. Charmap is only good if you don't need to use European languages on a daily basis. – OverTheRainbow Oct 28 '13 at 13:06

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