Now that bookmark sync has made it up into the beta channel, I'm trying out Chrome a little more seriously. I'd like to know whether, whenever I middle-click on a link/bookmark to open it in a new tab, there's an option to immediately switch focus to that tab?

If not then is there an extension that can add this behaviour?

Update: Just realised that extensions are not enabled in v4 beta.

Update 2: Extensions arrived on the beta channel, tabs to the front is now doing its job nicely :)


For the Beta-Channel Version a Shift+Middle-click should do the trick.

For the Dev-Channel Version (Extension system): There is an extension "Tabs to the front" which opens new Tabs in the foreground.

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    I can't install extensions on the beta channel, but that link reveals that shift+middle-click will work until we beta users get extension support
    – BenA
    Nov 6 '09 at 9:13

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