Anyone else ever received this error? Google has 2 unhelpful references to it and no real information. Adobe has a link to debugging JS errors but it's 404...

Error is "While executing DW_BCC canAcceptCommand in BCC.htm, a JavaScript error occurred"

BCC.htm is not a file in any of my sites. I assume it is some sort of action template (with a concerning name) that DreamWeaver employs.


Errors like that usually start happening due to corruption in the Dreamweaver cache file. The easiest thing to do to fix it is:

1) Close Dreamweaver

2) Locate the Cache file. On a Windows 7 machine it will be at:

C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS(X)\en_US\Configuration

Where YOU is your Windows user name and X is the version of Creative Suite being used.

3) In that folder there is a file named WinFileCache-XXXXXXX.dat. Delete that file and restart Dreamweaver.

If for some reason that doesn't fix the problem, there are other steps that can be taken.

Alternate 1: After closing Dreamweaver, open the Extension Manager and disable all extensions for Dreamweaver. Then follow the steps above.

Alternate 2: Close Dreamweaver and then delete the configuration folder. Dreamweaver will rebuild it using default settings the next time you open the program.

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