I want to create a formula so that I can keep track of how many feet get out of a drill bit. The data will be arranged in this way:

table of individual drillings

I want to show results of the total footage drilled by:

table of drilling totals

Any ideas on formulas?

  • Can you clarify for us what those numbers mean? Are they all in a single row? what is the row/column structure like? – Barry Rosenberg Oct 28 '13 at 21:05

Assuming that "Bit ID" is A1, 15685 in A2, etc...

=sumif(A2:A11, 15685, B2:B11)

Where A2:A11 specifies the various bit ids, B2:B11 specifies the numbers you want to add up, and 15682 is the specific bit id you're looking for. That would probably actually be a reference to another cell, so you could re-use this formula for all the different bit sizes.


It sounds like what you are after is a pivot table:

  • Enter your data as shown in your question
  • Select the entire range of data
  • On the insert menu, choose pivot table
  • Choose somewhere to put it in the dialog which pops up
  • In the field list section which appears on the right, drag the Bit ID into the Row Labels box at the bottom.
  • Drag the Ft drilled into the Values box at the bottom
  • It should default to sum, but if not, click on the ft drilled item in the values box, choose Value Field Settings and change the summarize method to Sum.

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