Can anyone tell me how to shut off the swipe gesture mechanism on my computer? It's driving me crazy. I cannot use a single application without having my computer screen minimize every time I move my hand over the mouse following a mouse-click, pointer movement, etc. Having to maximize my spreadsheets, documents, and applications so much is undercutting my productivity. How some software engineer/inventor imagined that this mouse/gesture swipe gimmick would be helpful to computer users is inconceivable to me. It is a massive annoyance. I've found instructions online for disabling this obnoxious feature, but all the instructions involve messing with my registry, which I don't want to do. I will be SO GRATEFUL to any techie who can tell me how to disable this horrible mouse swipe mechanism without having to alter my registry! I'm using a Gateway NE56R Notebook, Windows 7 operating system, and an Inland USB Mouse (model no. 37535). Thank you in advance!


Just press the F6 key by itself (no Fn key) to turn off the touchpad on this model. My wife got this information from Gateway, and it worked.

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