I am sending a test campaign to my own address and to a fictitious nonsense address and I am receiving the email at my account but I am not receiving any bounces. My settings in the config.php file are:

$message_envelope = 'bounces@mydomain.com';

$bounce_protocol = 'pop';
$bounce_mailbox_host = 'localhost';
$bounce_mailbox_user = 'bounces@mydomain.com';
$bounce_mailbox_password = 'XXXXXX';

What's the next step in figuring out the problem? I also tried both variations of the following:

$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3/notls";
#$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3";

I am running a Godaddy Centos 6 VPS and Plesk 11.

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After querying my ISP I have learned that the reason I was not receiving bounces is that I have exceeded my quota of smtp relays. After waiting for a day or so and clearing my message queue on the server I am now receiving my bounces.

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