Is it possible to setup and use Chrome Remote Desktop in a LAN environment? So you don't need to login to google or need a google account to use it? i.e. use Chrome Remote Desktop in a LAN environment which has no internet connection?

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As far as I know, no, simply because Chrome Remote Desktop uses your google account for authentication, and there is no way to explicitly connect to a specific system by ip address. Having near zero configuration has its downsides.

You're better off using some flavour of vnc, rdp or nx inside a lan. CRD simply isn't the right tool for what you want to do.


Agree with Journeyman geek, there's no way to use CRD w/o authenticating with Google, or when there's no Internet connection at all.

However if there is an option to use a restricted proxy just for authentication (i.e. very limited Internet access just for this purpose), it may still be possible. See this post by a Google specialist on 4/16/13, this thread, this answer on it.

My remaining question is: any way to force CRD to use LAN when both LAN and WAN are available? (In my case, I must use VPN for RD, for security reasons, and while my host's firewall does no block CRD traffic, I still need to channel the session through VPN. Or get fired... :)

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