Actually, I'm using LinuxMint and would like to configure tsocks to use tor proxy as some repositories are banned where I am !.
I did a lot of changes in /etc/tor/torrc, /etc/privoxy/config and /etc/tsocks.config but no way to work and I didn't know how to reset these files to default values as it was long time ago. I tried to remove these packages and reinstall them but these files aren't removable, and I don't know if deleting them manually safe.
Then can somebody help me to re-configure them correctly to be able to use tsocks sudo apt-get install **** I searched a lot but nothing worked well.
Thanks in advance

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    have you try dpkg-reconfigure <package name> and how do you remove it did you try apt-get purge <package name>?
    – eyadof
    Oct 29, 2013 at 18:01
  • well,that worked to re-configure them .However,now how to configure them out to use TOR ?
    – wisdom
    Oct 29, 2013 at 18:07

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torrc you should not have to mess with.

Privoxy's default config has a single line you need to uncomment to work with the default torrc. Search in the file for "Tor". Details:

Since Privoxy 3.0.5, its main configuration file is already prepared for Tor, if you are using a default Tor configuration and run it on the same system as Privoxy, you just have to edit the forwarding section and uncomment the line:

#        forward-socks5             / .

tsocks needs to be told to use (Privoxy's port) for all addresses.

You can also try using torsocks which may work without configuration.

The Tor's project page on torsocks is something you should read.


you can use dpkg-reconfigure <package name> to restore your package defaults.

if thats doesn't work you can purge them (purge remove the package from your PC totally including it's configs files) by using :

apt-get purge <package name>

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