I recently installed OSX Mavericks on my Lion Macbook Pro. I used to run a dual monitor system, and also used Spaces in conjunction with this. Essentially, this meant that with 2 Spaces open, I had 4 usable desktops, 2 on each monitor(plus the dashboard on my primary), and one swipe of four fingers would switch the Spaces on both monitors simultaneously.

However, when I upgraded to OSX Mavericks, the protocol changed. Now, each monitor has it's own set of Spaces, and it's own menu bar and dock too. To switch between Spaces, I have to swipe between them individually for every monitor. Whilst this may sound like a more efficient way to function, it's actually confusing and cumbersome.

So, is there any way to revert to the OSX Lion protocol of multiple displays and Spaces?


I think by disabling the 'separate spacies' functionality of Mavericks, you should be able to accomplish this:

Click on System Preferences > Mission Control > Un-tick “Displays have separate Spaces”. Once your restart your Mac, you will have just a single menu bar. Done.

enter image description here

Source: http://www.mactrast.com/2013/10/disable-second-menu-bar-os-x-mavericks/

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