I'm trying to concatenate two variables within Powershell to form a complete file path and file name to save a text file.

I have two variables

  • $Log_path and
  • $Log_name

I'm trying to join the two variables together within this piece of code:

$objWorkbook = $objExcel.Workbooks.Open $Log_path"\ $Log_name"

I'm unable to find the correct combination of functions??

A "\" is also required to be added between the Log_path and Log_name variables to correctly format the file path.


You can use Join-Path and it will put in the directory slash for you.

$objWorkbook = $objExcel.Workbooks.Open (Join-Path $Log_path $Log_name)

It handles the logic if $Log_Path parent already has or doesn't have the slash.

>join-path c:\temp test.txt

>join-path c:\temp\ text.txt
$path = "C:\folder"
$name = "file.exe"
$fullname = $path + "\" + $name


$fullname = "$path\$name"

but not

$fullname = '$path\$name'



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