In IE11, when I select text, right-click and choose Search with Bing, I always wind up at my ISPs DNS search page.

Hovering over Search with Bing (or any link) shows the URL down below: Search with Bing Tooltip

I get redirected to the ISP's page even if I enter this address in Chrome. If I remove the &form=IE8SRC&src=IE-SearchBox it works though.

I've tried removing Bing as a search provider and added Google, which works fine. I changed it back to Bing search, and now the problem is back.

Here are my search provider settings: Search Provider Settings

How can I fix this?


You should be able to opt out of this "feature" at:


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  • Weird. After opting out, everything works now. And Bing's context-menu icon magically reappeared, too. Thanks! – Louis Waweru Oct 31 '13 at 23:01

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