I have a router which doesn't show what speeds each wifi device uses from the WAN.

Is there a program or tool which tells me the current upload/download speed on the network of any connected devices?

I'm using Windows 8.

  • Some details on the hardware you currently have would help. – Lawrence Nov 6 '13 at 2:30

You can use cfos-speed to replace the original network drivers. You can install it on each pc in the local network and configure it to monitor the full traffic. It's a tool to optimize ping and bandwidth and it can also shape the traffic. I found this in a readme file:

cFosSpeed can now communicate with other cFosSpeed drivers on your LAN to share statistical data of how much each of them sent. This increases the accuracy of traffic shaping with more than one machine. We call this feature "net_talk". Statistics are sent out as UDP packets (by default on port 889) five times a second with TTL 1 to your local subnet broadcast address, so they will never leave your LAN.


You might be able to flash your router with a more clever firmware.

For example, I own the ancient Linksys WRT54G, which can be flashed with almost any OpenWRT-based custom firmware. There are thousands of packages available for this project, including network monitoring tools that can supply you with bandwidth statistics.

This is not a very generic answer to your question, since I don't have information on your router, but it might still be helpful and cheap solution.

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