I have a CentOS 5.10 Linux box at home running on VMWare, with Windows 2008 as the host. I have set up a Hamachi VPN so that I can connect to the Host server from work, I attempted to add a second VNIC to the VM and bridged it to the hamachi Network Interface. I spun up the VM and checked eth1 with ifconfig and its throwing me a ipv6 address not a ipv4. I want to hook this VM up so that I can run a ssh command from work to the VM. MY network at home is all on Local 198.168.. hence the need to make a VPN network like Hamachi. I cannot seem to find anything that tells me or helps me with tunneling my Linux VM via Hamachi.

Any help would be fantastic!


Put your ethernet settings in VMWare machine in NAT mode, so it can obtain a IP address from your local DHCP server or assign it a IP address manually. Open up a port in your router to the IP address your VMWare Machine has.


By the way, in this way you don't even need a Hamachi connection :)

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