I use win 7 and Adobe reader 11. After updating from ADobe reader 9 to 10 (automatically) I can´t see a proper dialog boxx when i print the PDF. EIther it har veryyyyy big letters or the text is missing in the Printing option box. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times, but there is no difference. I have also tried to download the sherife sans font. When I hade Adoobe reader 8, there was no problem. On an other computer I had the same problem, but I could resolve it by uninstalling and reinstallation Adobe reader.



This is almost always a function of the printer driver. First check the mfr's website to see if there are updated drivers available, or else use a different printer with a different driver.

Then check to see if you are using PCL5e, PCL6, Postscript, or a Universal driver. Usually the most successful driver is the Postscript driver, but if you want PCL functionality, just switch to the alternate of 5e or 6.

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