Is there a way to boost usb wifi adapters someway to get more power or signal strength? I am currently using alfa awus036nha wifi adapter with a 16dbi yagi antenna.

Is there like an amplifier to increase the range of the wifi adapter itself instead of the router? Does something like this work? 4000mw wifi adapter amplifier or something simliar?


Newer 802.11n Wi-Fi routers are increasingly coming with internal antennas. There are some that still have or support external ones, and these antennas can often be upgraded. Consider a hi-gain antenna, which you can position so that the Wi-Fi signal goes in the direction you want. Hawking Technology offers the HAI15SC Hi-Gain Wireless Corner Antenna. Though, we have yet to test it; Hawking claims it boosts wireless signal strength from a standard 2dBi to 15dBi. Antennas like these can attach to most routers that have external antennas connectors. Hi-gain or "booster" antennas range in pricing from $40 to $100 dollars.

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