I have seen some documentation about a "Record/Replay VM activity" feature in VMware workstation 6 and 7 here :

But I don't find that feature in my VMWare Workstation 10. I don't find any manual for the 10th version by the way.

Do you know if that feature has been removed ? Or do you know where I can find the feature in VMware Workstation 10 (or 9) ?

Thanks in advance,

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This feature was removed in VMware Workstation 8 (released September 14, 2011).

There's http://rr-project.org/ (Linux-only), which provides low-overhead (I believe typically under 1.5x) record/replay, and gdb interface. Mozilla developers now use it to debug intermittent failures in Firefox.


Unfortunately the video capturing function was removed from VMware Workstation 10 because there were serious problems regarding quality and the functionality overall. See for example: Workstation 9 Movie Capture of Console screen doesn't work.

The function removal is being discussed and was confirmed by a VMware representative in this thread: Where is the "capture movie" menu option ?

Description of this function has also been removed from the product documentation.

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    I'm talking about the "Recording and Replaying Virtual Machine Activity" not about the Video capturing feature. But they have maybe removed both features at the same time. Any other idea ? :)
    – Steeve
    Nov 7, 2013 at 13:35

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