I had system freezes with my HP Pavilion when using Linux (at the moment I use Debian, Ubuntu showed the same behavior). HP support forum suggests that the error is related to temperature control. So I would like to log the temperature output with aspi -t while waiting for the next freeze.

My first try was:

$ acpi -t > temperaturelog.txt
$ watch -n 1 acpi -t >> temperaturelog.txt

However, this leads to only two lines, the second command leads to a cryptic second line. It might be because I used Ctrl+C to end the logging. What did I do wrong? How would you improve this?


Here's one way to log temperatures every second:

$ while true; do echo `date` '->' `acpi -t`>> temperaturelog.txt;sleep 1;done

You'll have to kill or Ctrl-C to stop it.


Since I have the same problem, I wrote a really simple and small python script which logs the temperature to a file.
I also wrote a little script which can plot the temperature data and possible system shutdowns to a graph.

You can get the two python scripts here: https://github.com/tymm/temp-log

I hope it helps.

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