I recently backed up my data and I had moved the vnc viewer executable from my PC to my portable hard disk.

Realizing that I no longer had vnc, I got the latest one, but all of a sudden I could not connect to my server anymore and got authentification failure.

So I moved the VNC exectuable back from my portable HD to my local HD. And I am still getting Authentification failure errors.

I had a certain setup and I don't want to re-create it, do you know how I can recover or what happened to get auth failures all of a sudden ?

I checked and the vncserver process is running fine. Old VNC viewer: vnc-4_1_3-x86_win32_viewer.exe New one:


Make sure the server and viewer are the same versions. VNC is not a complicated application to setup. Worse case spent the 5mins to re-set it up. Another solution to consider is TeamViewer. It has better functionality then VNC, is encrypted and does not require port forwarding.

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