My desktop machine is a Windows 7 32-bit. My problem is that when I read a PDF, the brightness of screen bothers me and I want to reduce it. My monitor is a Samsung LCD and only has a button. When I press it one time it turn the screen on/off and when I press and hold it, it just adjusts the wallpaper.

Is there a way to reduce it?

  • ...it adjusts the wall paper? Really? Hmm.... Any way, just because your screen doesn't have the brightness button doesn't mean it's definitely not controllable; I suggest you search for the monitor model and see if there is any software for it.
    – Dave
    Nov 7, 2013 at 9:18

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I'm not sure how a desktop screen could adjust the Windows wallpaper, but if you really can't adjust the brightness of your screen, you could check out

Both programs change the hue and gamma of your OS color profile to ease your eyes.


You can do it using NegativeScreen which gives you full control on all color components (red, green, blue). You can reach fantastic eye-relieving reults just by inverting the colors.

Of course you CAN also reduce the brightness (what you were asking) or contrast of the display just by adjusting transformation matrixes.

If you are asking because of sort of eye problems, check e-ink displays. They emit no light at all, have no flicker, they feel as reading the book.

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