In Firefox 25 (running on Windows 7), I have the following Startup settings:

  • When Firefox starts = 'Show my home page'
  • Home Page = (URL of the site I want)

So when I click on the Home button, I get the right page. That's all good.

However, when I open a new tab, I get the 'recently visited websites tiles' screen, i.e. this:


How do I get Firefox to show my Home Page in new tabs as well??

Note: when I open a new Window, it works OK. I'm getting the Home Page there. The problem is just with New Tab!


There are at least two ways with different effects:

  1. Right-click and Modify browser.newtab.url to about:home in about:config. To revert, right-click and Reset.

  2. Add the site/home page as one among the others in the new tab. Optionally pin it to make it permanently available. It's also possible to open the site/home page and add it by dragging the site icon (left edge of the navigation/address bar) into a tile inside the new tab.

about:config Entries


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