I have come across an issue that I feel is a bug in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7. What is the official process for submitting an issue to Microsoft from a consumers perspective as an end user of Windows?

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    Nice, I encountered the same issue, in fact the only proper feedback place I found at Microsoft was connect.microsoft.com but it worked only for Visual Studio feedback/bugs. The question should be a a little bit more generic, not specific to WMP product. – sorin May 6 '10 at 19:34

There's no submit a bug report option directly. The way you do it is to call Microsoft Support and open a support request(can also be done online). If they can reproduce your issue and verify that it's actually a bug in WMP 12 they will file a bug report.

Be prepared to go through all troubleshooting steps they will have you perform, otherwise it will most likely never be reported as a bug.

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    It seems your answer is far, far too optimistic. The essence: guy has reproducible bug with code, calls Support, gets connected with people having no clue, sending him back and forth 70 minutes by telephone and stonewalling him completely. Some comments indicated that this is by purpose: Microsoft outsourced the whole thing and anyone who dare to connect to competent people will be fired. – Thorsten S. May 27 '17 at 20:28

You do not need to fill in a bug submission form. Windows 7 makes it available through the Action Center an automatic Problem Reporting tool.

  • Goto Start Menu and type action center. Hit enter.
  • Click Change Action Center settings on the left sidebar
  • Down the bottom of the new window, click Problem Reporting settings
  • Make sure it is set to either one of the first 3 options: Automatically check for - solutions, or Automatically check for solutions and send additional data, or ask me before checking for solutions.
  • Click Ok. You are back at Change Action Center Settings.
  • Click Customer Experience Improvement Program settings
  • Make sure you select the option to participate in the program

This is all you need for crashes, hangs and other windows related problems to be sent directly to Microsoft.

Manual online bug reporting tools are only available to subscribers of TechNet or MSDN.

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    I do have MSDN but I'm not able to submit bugs related to OS, only related to Visual Studio or other products. – sorin May 5 '10 at 23:50
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    Not every bug is a crash or hang. Other bugs (it just does the wrong thing) will not be caught by that, so they have to be reported another way (either by Microsoft Connect (if available for that product), calling support, or some out of band way, like on Twitter or a blog post). – Matthew Flaschen Jun 3 '14 at 16:40

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