I zipped a directory on my linux server. Many files in the directory have german umlauts in their filename. The filesystem is ext3 and the system locale is set to de_DE.utf8.

I used the following command to create the zip file:

zip -r somezip.zip somefolder/

I transfered this file via WinSCP to my windows laptop and unzipped it. The issue: All filenames with german umlauts are broken. On my linux server the filenames are displayed correctly.

I assume that I made a mistake when i created the zip file.

Has someone any ideas how i can perserve the right filename encoding when I zip the files with the zip command on linux?

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This is probably caused by your Windows being configured in a latin-1 encoding.

I think the easiest way around it is to temporarily set your locale to iso-8859-15 and run zip again:

export LC_ALL=de_DE.iso885915
locale # Check that the locale was applied
zip -r somezip.zip somefolder/
export LC_ALL=de_DE.utf8 # Restore

If the first step fails because you don't have the locale installed, you can set it up with:

sudo locale-gen de_DE.iso885915

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