I use Notepad++ for many files, like c, c++, txt, etc.

I have a problem changing some icons for certain files opened by Notepad++ without also changing the icons for other files opened by Notepad++.

For instance, I use Notepad++ as default for .py files and .txt files. If I change the icon for the .py extension, it also changes the .txt icon to that, and vice versa. (The programs I used for changing them: FileTypesMan and Types; same results.)

For some files I was able to do it, like for .c and .cpp files. They have distinct icons, but also use Notepad++ as the default application.

How can I change the associated icon for a file (extension), independently of the default application and without affecting other files which use the same application as default?

  • Three years and no answer is really deeply disappoting. Have the same problems myself. – Gabardine Dec 8 '16 at 20:56

Have you tried with FileTypesMan from excelent Nirsoft?

It's a small application that can allow you to set specific icon per file extension. I think it should be able to change the icon without messing with the default program.

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