I have a lot of different MIT lectures downloaded from youtube. I have also an account on lynda.com.

I would like to find a software to manage all the data, like a podcast software. Maybe there is something with annotation function, so I can edit my classes and put notes (cut video snippets?). The most important feature would be a downloader, because I prefer to download MIT lectures from youtube and watch them later. Screenshots/slides/other data should be saved in the lecture folder.

My OS is Linux Mint (win/raspberry pi ?)

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On linux there's only 1 downloader that i know of, youtube-dl On windows there are many downloaders such as ytd downloader.

I don't know of any video manager + youtube downloader in the same software, but creating playlists and so forth is feasible using any video manager such as vlc.

  • youtube-dl.py is on windows too.(command line of course). – barlop Nov 10 '13 at 0:37

Grab your research with a single click.

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I used this in college and it made connecting all the different forms of data super easy once I understood the functionality and layout. They have videos and documented tutorials of almost everything you could do.

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