I am working on a Linux computer, and have a bunch of .svg files. I have to give them to a client who will insert them into a Powerpoint presentation (the client is working on a Windows machine). I am supposed to deliver the files ready for the insertion; the format conversion has to happen on my machine. The files have to stay in a vector format, because the graphics to be freely resizeable within the Powerpoint presentation.

I thought that I could export them as EMF. I found multiple sources stating that Inkscape can export EMF, only to learn that it is an Windows-only feature.

Is there a way, through EMF or something else, to get my .svg files converted to a Powerpoint-readable vector format?

  • What formats does PowerPoint accept? I would expect convert from ImageMagic to be able to do this though I have sometimes had problems with .svg files. You could also export the svgs as large bitmaps with enough resolution that resizing won't be a problem. – terdon Nov 14 '13 at 14:38
  • As an aside, while graphics will remain vector as EMF, the grouping will change from the SVG version which may be an issue for the client. I have found no reliable way of transferring groups to a PPT readable format. – jmac Nov 19 '13 at 2:55

You could try converting SVG to EMF with Google Code's Java svg2emf.

converts SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) files to EMF(Enhanced Meta File) files using batik and FreeHEP VectorGraphics library


As there's no accepted answer yet here's an alternative: modern versions of powerpoint are supposed to be able to import .PDF, and inkscape can export that very nicely. So if the client's powerpoint installation is recent-ish that could provide a route.

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