I have IPERF for Windows installed on a desktop computer. Now I want to connect this computer to the router and conduct a simple throughput performance test. For that I will need IPERF running on the router. The router has the Linux based DD-WRT firmware. My question is, how can I run the Linux version of IPERF on the router? And will this version of IPERF work with the Windows version on the computer?


Yes, IPERF does exist for DD-WRT routers. I have never used it myself, but I can point you to this Web page of the official DD-WRT online manual, which discusses it along with a number of equivalent tools. However, the link it provides to download IPerf is no longer operational (just try it!), so I am giving you an alternative link where you are told where to get it: from Pyramid Linux, a distro (Google it) that you can download from here. You can simply copy the binary to your DD-WRT router, like carla Schroeder suggests in the second reference, and you should be all set.

Should this fail for any reason (you my have a DD-WRT build different from mine), go back to reference 1, where you will find other alternatives discussed.

The code for IPERF has moved, it can be found here, while the older version is here.

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  • I was on that manual page, there is no discussion going on, it only briefly describes what Iperf is. The link they provide takes me to a University of Central Florida (UCF) web page where I can download the Windows version of Iperf and an example of how to use it. And yes, I found Pyramid Linux too. But how does any of this help me? I have downloaded the olsr.tar file from Google Code and it contains no Iperf binary? – Samir Nov 15 '13 at 22:54
  • Where do I find the binary you speak of? Can you give me a direct link to it? – Samir Nov 15 '13 at 22:56
  • @Sammy You are right, it is not where I thought it was. I have amended my answer – MariusMatutiae Nov 16 '13 at 17:54
  • OK. Can you please tell me if this code will run on my router? Is it compatible? The router is based on Atheros AR7161. Isn't this build only for x86 based devices? The Atheros is a MIPS processor... as far as I know. – Samir Nov 18 '13 at 19:40
  • It is claimed to be a completely self-contained code, i.e., without invocation of system libraries. That's all I can tell you, I have no way to test it on your architecture. On the other hand, there's now harm in trying. – MariusMatutiae Nov 18 '13 at 21:37

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