I'm looking for an application based on the Mac OS X that give the ability to us for taking screenshot from mac screen by an interval. For example each 120 sec.

I searched internet and find Timed Screenshot (http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/Freeware/TimedScreenshot.shtml ) but when I installed it, it seems very hard to use. All options should do from an setting file in the applications folder, app do not load any gui and even I do not know how I can stop the process of making screen shot.

I do not found any apps till now, hope somebody know a better app here?

Also if there is not any free options for the interval screen shot it's OK for me to pay few bucks for this purpose.

Thanks in advanced.

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You can do this with AppleScript and the built in screenshot command on Mac OS X.

Please refer to this link. If you want the screenshot to be taken every two minutes all you do is change delay (60 * 60) to delay (60 * 2)

I have extracted the script here:

set save_location to ¬
    (choose folder with prompt "Choose where to save screenshots")

repeat with shotcount from 1 to 100
    do shell script "screencapture " & ¬
        quoted form of POSIX path of save_location ¬
        & "screen" & (shotcount as string) & ".pdf"
    delay (60 * 60) -- delay one hour
end repeat

You could also run a command like this in Terminal:

while :;do screencapture ~/Desktop/$(date +%y%m%d%H%M%S).png;sleep 120;done

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