I have an ISO that I'm trying to get ready for PXE booting. After many attempts, I tried to check if it is even bootable by USB and it wasn't. Then I took a CD and burned the image onto it and it worked.

What reasons can there be for this?

Data concerning the image: Symantec Antivirus Live CD, Windows PE 4.0, 396 MB size

Error message when booting (PXE & USB): 0xc0000017 (An unexpected error has occured) in Windows Boot Manager

If there's any more information I can supply please tell me so. I probably won't be able to upload the ISO itself due to licensing reasons (corporate disk).


Copying the ISO or its contents to the USB doesn't make it bootable.

First make sure that your USB flash support booting.

Second you have to use a 3rd party software that allows to make your USB flash boot with your ISO file contents.


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