I got Thunderbird 24.1.0 from Portableapps.com. Same folder unpacked into Win7 and XP.

  • When run on WIn7 I see all icons (get mail, write, chat...) are gray themed.
  • When run under WinXP all icons are another, they are colored and of other style.

How to change icons theme? Can't find an option.


The proper way to do this is to replace the ICNS file inside the application. To access the contents of the application, you right-click on the app, then select Show Package Contents. The location of the ICNS file should be Thunderbird.app/Contents/Resources/Thunderbird.icns


Found that Thunderbd has Firefox-like extensions dialog.
Need to go into upper Thunderbd menu, and call command "Manage add-ons". Then need to call tab which contains appearance add-ons. Then need to install there any icons add-on. E.g. "Standard icons".

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