I need to open ports on a firewall, so that a client can access his VM console through vCenter server's Web Client. I had a look at this page about port description, but I am a little confused.

I already have a port open for the client on a firewall, to access vCenter server's 443 port (https), 9443 (for vSphere PC client), 902 (TCP/UDP) and the client still gets some kind of error related to 902 port being blocked.

Do I have to open port 902 on ESXi hosts and not on vCenter instead? What should I permit as well?

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    Unless vCenter is having trouble communicating with the hosts, no. The problem by the sound of it is only between the http client and VC server. What sort of firewall have you got are there logging abilities to confirm it is the firewall? – Chris Nov 19 '13 at 11:50

This link shows that port 902 needs to be open between the vCenter Server (source) and the ESX(i) host (target) in order to be able to make a remote MKS connection, as you suspected.

[If the above link doesn't work, try this.]

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