I'm migrating from a 10.7 Mac to a new 10.9 Mac. I have a Canon Pixma iP3000 printer hooked up to an Airport Extreme, which works fine on my old machine. However, when I try to set it up on my new machine, it fails.

Printers & Scanners preference pane, with "+" button pressed, menu showing "Canon iP3000"

Dialog box which says "The software for this printer is currently unavailable. Please contact the printer’s manufacturer for the latest software."

So I try to add it manually, by choosing "Add Printer or Scanner…" It asks me to choose a driver, so I choose "Select Software…" That gives me a dialog box with a grand total of 16 drivers to choose from (12 showing, 4 more when I scroll down). None of them are Canon drivers.

Printer Software dialog box, with only 16 options

When I do the same on my old (10.7) machine, I see hundreds of drivers. As you can see, the first page is just the beginning of the "A"s alphabetically.

Printer Software dialog box, with hundreds of options

So: did Mountain Lion or Mavericks start shipping with almost no printer drivers? Have I done something wrong? Can I download these drivers from somewhere? Canon claims they should already be installed on my machine, and won't give me a download for them.


I tried connecting the printer directly to the Mac over USB. The dialog box only became more adamant that it didn't have a suitable driver:

"Software for this printer isn't available from Apple. Contact the printer's manufacturer for the latest software."


Did you try the Canon CUPS driver for the IP3000 ?
It is listed on the Canon website as being for 10.6 but should work with later OSX versions too.

  • Perfect! This also works for the IP5000 – Deesbek Mar 1 '16 at 17:29

I had the same problem with a Canon ip1700 and the following worked for me:

In the case of the ip1700, it isn't listed in the list of supported printers for the driver, which is why the mac doesn't auto-download it. However if you tell your mac the printer is an ip1800 then it actually works fine.

I'm guessing the same trick may also work for the ip3000.


I tried selecting the 2700 for my 3000. I installed the drivers, tried to print and was told there was an error... BUT the Mac asked: Repair? I said yes, Mac repaired it, printer is working. Good thing, too. I still have the disc for the printer, and that didn't work!

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