When I'm using RDP in my home network, the resolution of the remote computer would adapt to the resolution of the connecting PC. This way, I can connect from my small laptop to my big screen desktop PC, and the desktop's resolution is changed from 1920x1080 to 1024x800.

Note that I'm not talking about scaling down, I'm talking about true resolution change, so that all open windows are changed in size.

At the office of one of my clients, they're always using Remote Desktop, but the behavior there is different: If the remote desktop's resolution is higher than that of the connecting laptop, RDP is just showing scroll bars. This is much much less convenient, since you have to scroll around all the time.

I cannot see any setting that's different at my client, than it is in my home network.

How can RDP be configured so that it changes the remote desktop's resolution automatically?


If you run mstsc.exe there's a pannel Display, there is a slider which sets resolution for your RDP session. You may slide it to Full Screen, that way it'll adapt to your resolution.

enter image description here

Other possible options here and here.

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