I want to rename multiple folders and keep all files and subdirectories in tact.
Windows batch commands like xcopy and move can't handle every case*.

I set up two columns with old paths and new paths.

OLD PATH            NEW PATH
C:\dir1\dir3\dir7   C:\a1\a2\a3      
C:\dir1\dir4\dir8   C:\b1\b2\b3      
C:\dir2\dir5\dir9   C:\c1\c2\c3      
C:\dir2\dir6\dir0   C:\d1\d2\d3      

Difficulties: More than one folder per line needs to be renamed; last listed folders like dir7 can have multiple subdirectories; file time stamps shouldn't be modified

* xcopy can't move, it only copies. That's a problem if you haven't enough space to copy and delete big data.
The move command doesn't move subdirectories, only files

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The most simple (straightforward) batchfile version would be like this:

call :robo "C:\dir1\dir3\dir7"   "C:\a1\a2\a3"
call :robo "C:\dir1\dir4\dir8"   "C:\b1\b2\b3"
call :robo "C:\dir2\dir5\dir9"   "C:\c1\c2\c3"
echo etc...
call :robo "C:\dir2\dir6\dir0"   "C:\d1\d2\d3"

robocopy %1 %2 /MOVE /E

You would need to quote the directories in case they have spaces.

For reading the directories out of a file you would do this:



No need for quotes and separate them with a comma. Then in the batchfile:

FOR /F "tokens=1-2* delims=," %%A IN (directories.txt) DO (
  robocopy "%%A" "%%B" /MOVE /E

Also here... if you would like to see what robocopy does first use the /L.

If you have a file like this (with spaces to align the first and second column) you would need to add some code to strip the leading and trailing spaces from the directories:

Again the directories.txt:

C:\dir1\dir3\dir7\sada\asda ,  C:\a1\a2\a3
C:\dir1\dir4\dir8           ,  C:\b1\b2\b3
C:\dir2\dir5\dir9           ,  C:\c1\c2\c3
C:\dir2\dir6\dir0           , C:\d1\d2\d3

And this as batchfile:

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
FOR /F "tokens=1-2* delims=," %%A IN (directories.txt) DO (
  call :trim dir1 %%A
  call :trim dir2 %%B
  robocopy "!dir1!" "!dir2!" /MOVE /E

set trimmed=%2
for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%c in ("%trimmed%") do set trimmed=%%c
for /l %%c in (1,1,100) do if "!trimmed:~-1!"==" " set trimmed=!trimmed:~0,-1!
set "%~1=%trimmed%"

Note: No error checking is done to see if the directories really exists or if only one column is filled... etc...
(but of course that could be added).

  • I like the second approach, I will try this
    – nixda
    Nov 21, 2013 at 8:58

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