I would like to manipulate (copy and/or move) the photos I took with my iPhone from the command line or a Perl script. But when I plug the iPhone, it doesn't get a drive letter: in 'My Computer', it's displayed in the 'Scanners and Cameras' group, instead of the 'Devices with Removable Storage'.

What is the UNC path to the photos on my phone? Or, alternatively, how can I configure the iPhone or Windows so that the latter gives a drive letter to the former?



You can only retrieve the photos from the iPhone, you cannot write to it. Further more, iPhone identifies itself to Windows as a PTP device, and hence

PTP does not specify a way for objects to be stored – it is a communication protocol. Nor does it specify a transport layer. Images on digital cameras are generally stored as files on a mass storage device, such as a memory card, which is formatted with a file system, most commonly FAT or FAT 32, which may be laid out as per the Design rule for Camera File system (DCF) specification. However, none of these are required, as PTP abstracts from the underlying representation.

So in short I don't think its possible to assign a UNC path to it.


On further searching I found a software, PTPDrive. I haven't tested it personally, you can try your luck.

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