I have a Access 2007 database that I wish to be able to click a button and update Null values in a table column with the current date when the button is clicked. For some reason it just won't update.

I created a query qrySubmitUpdate that has the following SQL.

 UPDATE tblSubmissions SET tblSubmissions.[fldDateSent] = Date()
 WHERE (((tblSubmissions.[fldDateSent]) Is Null));

If I switch the query to view mode, it will show me the appropriate number of rows that need to be updated - all rows are blank and the calendar icon appears next to each row you click on.

The fldDateSent field is set to Date/Time for Data Type. No default value or validation rule/text. Input mask is empty and the format is set to Short Date (Doesn't matter if the date is set to short date or empty).

Any idea what I am missing? Thank you.

  • What happens if you run the query manually (run, not just view mode)? Any messages or warnings? By default, you should get a warning that you are about to update XXX number of records, etc. – Evil Genius Nov 21 '13 at 17:37
  • No warning or message at all. I've also tried to type a date where Date() is (example: 12/11/2013) – Chasester Nov 21 '13 at 18:19

I don't know what happened. It crashed a couple times on me, restarted for about the 5th time and it updated as it's supposed to.

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