I have a brand new Motorola MT2070 barcode scanner. Our company has recommended this model widely to our customers of our inventory / point-of-sale software. As usual, I'm configuring one for a client, which consists of only copying an executable and replacing the main menu with a custom one.

While I was browsing the files on the scanner, I accidentally ran the MCL application, which we never even use. It took some time to load, then when it loaded, I went to exit, but wouldn't exit - instead just restarted. On my computer, I had Windows Mobile Device Center (Win7) open, and when I started that app, the computer lost connection to the scanner (plugged directly into the scanner via USB). So I rebooted the scanner and ever since then, I haven't been able to get it to work.

  • The scanner's USB mode is on Active Sync
  • Restarted my computer
  • Unplugged the USB
  • Took the battery out of the scanner
  • Did both warm and cold resets

Whenever I reboot the scanner, the Windows Mobile Device Center appears and connects to the scanner successfully, and I can browse the scanner. But 5-10 seconds later, it disconnects until I reboot the scanner again.

At the same time, when I connect the scanner, a small window appears on the scanner's screen that says "Connecting" and two buttons Hide and Cancel. I had never seen that window in my life.

Apologies, I'm not at my work with the equipment at this moment. I will edit later.

Added to the problem, the Bluetooth to the cradle is also no longer working either. When I scan anything, it fails to send the barcode data to the host. I've repeatedly scanned the pair barcode on the cradle with no help.

How do I fix this communication problem? I'm assuming that when I opened the MCL application, I must have messed something up.


Since I don't know how familiar you are with Motorola devices I'll have to ask if you've done the cold boot correctly. Sorry...

This device's cold boot is done by holding down the "2" key and the scanner trigger for 10 seconds, if less, it'll be a warm boot.

If you've done this correctly and got no good I'd ask if you've scanned the "Set Default" barcode that comes in the Quick Start Guide along with the scanner.

Try scanning it. If needed scan "Unpairing" barcode before the "Set Default"*, both under "Miscellaneous". If still no good, try scanning the "Cradle Host" under "Radio Communications Host Types" and "ActiveSync Host" under "USB Host".

I should've asked this on a comment, but I can't comment yet, so... Have you tryed on a different OS, like WinXP?

If none of this works, call Motorola Solutions (now Zebra Technologies) and ask for a Clean Boot image or the shipped O.S. image...

Yet, if no lucky, ship it back for repairing... sorry...

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