I wrote a shell script which calls an applescript to do some work. The applescript is in iCloud, so I'm manually writing the path to the document storage location...

 osascript ~/Library/Mobile\\ Documents/com~apple~ScriptEditor2/Documents/safari_get_tab_url.scpt

This is pretty ugly and looks fragile. I'm wonder if there is a cleaner way to get the path to this applescript file?

  • You can use quotes to cleanup the path for both bash and zsh shells. Depending on version, this will allow the ability to remove the \ before spaces in the path. – Jahhein Oct 13 '17 at 19:40

It's not really that fragile, providing the following is true:

  • The document will always be called the same and won't be renamed.
  • The Bundle ID (com~apple~ScriptEditor2) will not change thus changing the path to the file.
  • iCloud must remain enabled on the account.

Since it's only the first one you'd have to worry about, it seems perfectly fine to do just what you're saying, since a normal path would have the same problem anyway (normal = without any form of linking).


I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but how about this:

path to me                                                                      
return POSIX path of the result

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