I came across various free tools such as Macrium Reflect.

May I know does Macrium free version provides "resume" capability? As my current HDD contains a lots of files and folder which I believed it will take quite long to complete.

I also came across another tool called TeraCopy. Anyone tried that? Is it really faster and secure?

Please advise.


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TeraCopy is about the same as Windows' robocopy in speed, but it does lots more of what you don't need and it hooks into the system in non-obvious ways. The only real benefit is that it has GUI while robocopy is command-line and it may overwhelm a bit with all its options.

But fear not, here's all you need -

robocopy X:\  Z:\Backup-of-X\ /MIR /Z /FFT

where X:\ is your external drive you are backing up and Z:\Backup-of-X\ is a directory where you want the backup to go.

/MIR tells it to create an exact copy of the tree, i.e. remove files from the backup that don't exist at the source.

/Z enables resumable copying of large files, so you can Ctrl-C robocopy half way through a large file and it will start copying from the second half on the next run.

/FTT tells it to assume 2-second timestamp resolution. This has to do with how robocopy detects which files have changed and which haven't. It's a long story, just use /FFT.


If a filesystem-level copy is OK to you, teracopy seems me a good choice.

If you want a sector-by-sector copy (for example there are tricky non-windows partitions of your external drive, or you want to be able to boot from that), I used the commandline dd from the linux world.

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