I have successfully created a multi part CAB file using makecab and a ddf file:

.Set CabinetNameTemplate=package.*
.set DiskDirectoryTemplate=Disk
.Set MaxDiskSize=10485760 ; 10 MB
.Set Cabinet=on
.Set Compress=on
; my files go here

This created a bunch of files "package.1", "package.2", etc. How do I expand these files? I tried: expand Disk\package.1 -F:* Disk\Temp, which worked for a single part file, but fails for multi part cab with the error:

 One or more files could not be expanded. Delta Package Expander Returned 0x80070032

 Expanding File disk\package.1 Incomplete, Error Code=0x80070032
 Error Description: The request is not supported.

NOTE: I cannot use any external tools not included in default installation of Windows XP. Otherwise I would just use 7zip. Btw. 7zip does extract these files no problem.


See the command extrac32.

Unlike expand.exe, this was intended for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Later, it became a part of the Windows installation. As this is not a console application, it's not very interactive with command line. Typing 'extrac32' without any parameters will simply load the utility which will terminate immediately.

To read the directives, enter

extrac32 |more

enter image description here

source: http://researchbin.blogspot.de/2012/05/making-and-extracting-cab-files-in.html

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