I store all my music on a network-attached storage device, rather than a drive on my computer. When I start foobar2000 it starts with nothing in the Album List - seemingly with nothing in the library. However after 10 mins or so the music all appears, which causes me to think foobar's reindexing it on every load (in fact I know it is from checking the console window).

Is there a way to get foobar to "remember" the music on there, and then resync silently on load? This is simply so I can start playing music from launch, rather than having to wait.


You can create a static playlist (File -> New Playlist) which doesn't change until you add new files manually (Files -> Add Folder...).

If you want your playlist to be automatically updated then you need to use the media library. Your settings should look similar to those shown here.

Is your NAS mounted to a windows drive letter, or are you accessing it via \\nas\share?

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  • I'm using the \\nas\media style link - do you think mounting it would help? Thanks for the info though. – Ross Jul 17 '09 at 15:22
  • My guess is if you're using \\nas\media the foobar might be seeing it as a new directory each time, and not a location already seen and indexed. – pgs Jul 17 '09 at 15:49

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