I have asked a question about :How to make an Autorun CD/DVD?
@nerdwaller gave me an answer.
Now I want to know whether is it possible to make an autorun CD/DVD which will contain the following :

Easy GIF Animator v5.6 Setup.exe, KMPlayer_3.6.0.exe, MS office2010.iso, and a folder named : 'Easy GIF Animator v5.6 Pro + Patch' containing files 'Easy GIF Animator v5.6 Pro Patch.exe, Easy GIF Animator v5.6 Setup.exe, Instructions.txt, RCS.png'. I use Nero burning ROM 12. Is it possible to do with nero or any other easy way ?


There are several ways to do this. this can't be done with the autorun.inf alone.

You could create a batchfile open.bat and instruct autorun.inf to run that:

file autorun.inf


file open.bat


But you'll notice the .exe will run simultaneous. If that's not desired you could use the following:

file open.bat

start /b/wait my_first.exe
start /b/wait my_second.exe

You will have the black window open of the batch-file during the installation.

Another option is to use a separate program to execute your .exes.

One such option is AutoRun. (not free)

Here is another (AutoRunPro.exe also not free)

And another one (AutoRun Wizard, again not free).

I'm beginning to think there are no free option (besides making a batch-file yourself).

There is another possibility (and more professional looking). That's to use Inno Setup to write your own setup-file. In that setup-file you can execute the other .exes.

  • thank you @ Rik. I have done the job with your given answer. – Soumitra Sen Dec 14 '13 at 18:03

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