May I ask if there is any way to hide offline printers?

The problem is that I have a laptop with a number of printers installed. These printers are physically resided in different locations. When I work in one place, only some printers are available. It turns out to be difficult to select the right printer from the long list.

Thank you in advance.

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This is for windows 7, windows 8 might be similar.

In the Devices and printers window (first screenshot in your question), if you switch to details view, you could group devices by status.

Right click the column titles and choose More... and check Status in the list of details to show. Then click OK.

Back in the Devices and printers window, click on the downward looking triangle in the Status column (it's invisible unless you hover over the column title and normally shows on the right side of the name). It'll show you a list of possible statuses. Check all the ones you want to see and leave out the ones to hide. This is the filter list. Or you could instead group them. Play with that or with the Group by and Sort by options in the View menu.

filter printers window

After choosing the filters, you can go back to big icons view.

In the print dialog box (second screenshot) in the list that shows you a list of printers to choose from, right click the background (i.e. not in one of the printers) and you get a similar menu to the View menu mentioned above. You can also switch to detail view and can also use a filter in the columns as for the printers list above.

How to filter printers

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