I have a file called ftb_launcher.exe saved in D:\FTB\ftb_launcher.exe.

My windows drive is C:\. I have bing search off.

If I search for ftb_launcher.exe nothing comes up. However, if I put it in my Documents folder, it comes up.

How do I make it search my entire D:\ drive?

I want to have it search for all files in D:\ by the way, not just ftb_launcher.exe


Search (in Windows) for "Indexing Options".

enter image description here

Click "Modify" and ensure your drive is selected to be included in the search index.


By default, Windows only searches C:\Users\, but you can add folders/drives to your index, as outlined here.


  1. Control Panel
  2. Indexing Options
  3. Click Modify
  4. Add Folders/Drives

Note, if your index is too large, you'll likely notice performance impacts.

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