SOCKS5 supports UDP and thus DNS lookups. I'm looking for an application, or a command using standard system utilities, to do a single DNS lookup through a SOCKS5 proxy, and not connect to this address. As an example, here's fake dig command to demonstrate what I would want to do, if this switch existed:

dig --socks5 @ example.com

Answers that work on either Linux, Windows or OSX are accepted.

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Some time back I needed something similar. I used a package called DNS-TCP-SOCK-PROXY, which you can find on this github page. It is described as follows:

A simple dns proxy to tunnel DNS requests over a socks proxy (for example, over ssh or Tor). This can come in handy when setting up transparent proxies.

Usage: ./dns-proxy [options]

and lastly:

The configuration file should contain any of the following options (and ignores lines that begin with '#'):

socks_addr -- socks listener address

socks_port -- socks listener port

listen_addr -- address for the dns proxy to listen on

listen_port -- port for the dns proxy to listen on (most cases 53)

set_user -- username to drop to after binding

set_group -- group to drop to after binding

resolv_conf -- location of resolv.conf file to read from

log_file -- location to log to (should be /dev/null unless debugging).

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