I'm using thunderbird/lighting for several mail accounts and calenders under Ubuntu in the Gnome3 Desktop. I also want to sync my CardDav adress book. Right now I am doing that with Inverse SOGo Connector 24.0.2. This is tool is not that great its missing two key features:

  • its not syncing automatically but one has to rightclick - then sync every time
  • it is not possible to save the account name or password of the carddav server - it is prompted every time

I am confused since this a very common application isn't it? I couldn't find any alternatives for thunderbird. Is there maybe a solution which is based on Linux/Ubuntu? Like syncing the carddav server with a local file and keep thunderbird sync with that local file?

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You can save your CardDAV password using Saved Password Editor. You can even disable/remove the add-on once your password has been saved. (For detailed instructions in German, see Problem: Passwort wird immer wieder abgefragt). In order to avoid entering the master password (if you’ve set one, which seems advisable) multiple times, I use StartupMaster, which doesn’t always succeed in limiting the number of password prompts, but often enough for it to pay off imho.

As for the auto-sync – I’m not 100% sure why, but my configuration with SOGo Connector 24.0.4 seems to sync on startup. I set the periodic sync to 5 mins and enabled the notifications on startup. Even if it shouldn’t sync right away, it will after five minutes. I always get a notification right after the start.


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