On a business website, I have several web forms that send me an e-mail message when they are submitted. However, in Outlook 2010, these form submissions often got put in the Junk folder. To solve this problem, I put a code word in the subject of the e-mails that get sent. (For example, let's say that the subject of each form submission message contains the word myform.) What I want to do is whitelist any message that comes in that contains myform in the subject.

I had set up a rule that does this:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
with myform in the subject
mark it as high importance
 and move it to the Inbox folder

This used to work, but now it seems that Outlook is not applying rules to any message that it considers junk. If I send myself a message that contains myform, it gets marked as high importance (so I know the rule is running), but if I submit the form, the message stays in the junk folder and does not get marked as high importance.

Is there any way that I can whitelist a message based on subject, to keep it out of the Junk folder? Perhaps there is a way that I can instruct Outlook to run rules on the Junk messages?

Also, is there any way that I can tell why Outlook considers these messages Junk?

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