I'm in the process of reinstalling a (very) old machine that doesn't have a DVD drive (CD only) and I'm running into problems getting the over-sized ubuntu image to fit on a CD. Unfortunately the motherboard doesn't support boot from USB, so that isn't an option.

Is it possible to get a full ubuntu 9.10 distro up and running from the minimal CD? can anyone offer advice or suggestions on how to do this?


I understand what the minimal CD and where I get it, but once I've burnt it, is there any easy way to get back to an equivalent of the standard ubuntu iso?


the minimal disk will download all the packages needed off the net as necessary. Once thats's done, pick one of the meta packages (ubuntu-desktop , kubuntu-desktop etc) and you'll be good.


Download the Minimal Distribution of Ubuntu from MinimalCD


You might find this link from the Ubuntu Forums useful: How to Acheive "Ubuntu minimal"

-El Di Pablo

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