I am new to rsync but attempting to setup a backup server.

User names follow this basic idea:

remote user: computer
local user: computer-bkup.

When I run

$ rsync -avz -e ssh computer@computer.somewhere.com:$HOME/bar/ $HOME/Documents/foo

and enter the password for computer I get

rsync: change_dir "/home/computer-bkup/bar" failed: No such file or directory.<br>

I've looked into file permissions and other related posts for this error. Here's where my head gets twisted though. My src directory is /home/computer/bar with a source of /home/computer-bkup/foo. If the error message had a problem with either of those I can see a permission issue. An error with /home/computer-bkup/bar tends to make me think it's trying to find /home/computer-bkup on the remote machine.

As that doesn't make sense where do I most likely have issues? Permission on local machine, remote machine or something else completely?


The $HOME variable is expanded by the shell on the local machine. So, both $HOME are replaced by /home/compute-bkup/ (the home directory of the local machine). You must replace the first $HOME by /home/computer/


rsync -avz -e ssh computer@computer.somewhere.com:bar/ $HOME/Documents/foo

will also work, because the default remote path is the home directory

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