I have a condition in an Excel IF-statement as follows:




eveluates to {1}.

Is there any way I can force this {1} into 1 such that


will return TRUE?

  • It shouldn't be returning an array. Is {1} what you're seeing in a cell if you just copy your partial formula somewhere else? Is it possibly a rounding issue if not all decimals are displayed? Does it result in true if you use the actual cell address instead of using indirect and address?
    – gtwebb
    Dec 6, 2013 at 23:45

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It's ROW function that returns an array, you could replace by ROWS, e.g.


or you can use a function like SUM around ROW


although I'm not really sure you need INDIRECT and ADDRESS at all, you can use INDEX or OFFSET, e.g.



if {1} means an array, then try the INDEX function:


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