I was helping a friend with clearing her laptop of some adware and viruses and I run two programs ADWCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool.

But after that she complained that she couldn't change the Windows 8 color scheme anymore. So I logged in to Teamviewer again and tried what she couldn't accomplish. If she clicks another color scheme it changes back to the default one. Very strange behaviour. I googled this problem but I just couldn't find a solution or someone with the same problem.

Below I added an image where the problem occurs. As you can see the color scheme is set on default now. When I click another it simply changes back to default. The color auto changes back

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    If you create a new user profile are you able to change the color theme? – Ramhound Dec 6 '13 at 16:50

I had the same issue and it turned out that I had set to sync my theme settings on my Windows Phone. Once I switched it off I could see the option.

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